Rock Band Timeline

Timeline created by clo.sleiman
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  • The 1950's - The start of rock

    The rock and roll music was introduced in the 1950s, fusion of electricity blues, country and gospel music in this time period.Rock crosses over to the Pop charts form 1955 and on.
  • The 1960's - The expanding of rock

    The sixties dominate the popular music charts, new styles came out such as soul, surf, folk rock, the british invasion.
  • The 1970's - Rock becomes a bigger business

    The early seventies were marked by deaths of popular rock artists, Psychedelic music declines but morphed into hard rock and some others.
  • The 1980's - CD's, Synths and the Rise of MTV

    The MTV television launched on TV systems, music videos were a marketing tool.
  • The 1990's - The internet and the digital music

    The internet allowed the digital disbrution of music, and intoduced a lot of new rock such as hip hop, alternative rock, and jams.