rock and roll begin

  • soul , 1865

    although slavery was abolished in America in 1865 , the influence of african culture and music still remain today. their style of singing would evantually evolve into many different genres including SOUL,R&B , GOSPEL, DOO- WOP AND HIP-HOP. the two most notable soul record labels are motown and stax record. the sound of soul depended on its location.
  • billy hally

    in 1954, a band called billy haley and the comets lunched a smash hit called ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK.
  • chuck berry and the duck walk

    chuck berry is best known for his witty lyrics, his trademark sound of the double string guitar lick and his unique his best known songs were writen and recorded in the mid to late 50's with his first number one hit MAYBELLINE in 1955.
  • the king of rock and roll

    by 1956-57 elvis had became a national star and teen idol. he sang in prime time television shows, debuted on popular local radio stations and performed with unprecedent riot-filled succes. his first movie called LOVE ME TENDER made a million dollars within three days of being launched.
  • popular rock and roll performers in the world

    by that time, bill haley had become one of the most popular rock and roll performers in the world.
  • elvis presley join the US ARMY

    by 1958, elvis joined the army and served in germany. his fan was still able to see him in many films he had made prior to leaving and when he came back he recorded a number of other hits such as ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT , RETURN TO SENDER.
  • the day the music died

    in 1959, a small charter plane took off from an airport in iowa, USA . on board, on their way to a scheduled tour destination , were three of the 1950's great american rock and roll starts, BUDDY HOLLY, RITCHIE VALENS, and THE BIG BOPPER. tragically the plane crashed soon after take off, leaving no survivors. it was a dark day that DON MCLEAN later referred to as " THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED " when he sang of the event in his song AMERICAN PIE.
  • surf , mid 1960's

    the 1960's was really the heyday of surf music , how ever the high audience appeal and memorable tunes of sur music kept it bieing on radios fro a long time after that .there was even a resurgencein the 1990's when the surf rock group, RED ELVISES revisited this very popular style.
  • elton john began his carrer

    elton john began his musical career in 1961 witha band callesd BLUESOLOGY.
  • british invasion

    the beatles made their American debut in 1954 on the ED SULLIVAN SHOW .
  • billy joel first coming

    over his career he has produced six top-30 singles , his first coming in 1974 with the tuneful ,PIANO MAN
  • solo artists

    billy joel who at one stage was a succesful boxer , began his music career in high school after seing the beatles on the ED SULLIVAN show in 1964.over his career ,he has produced six top-30 singles ,his first coming in t974 with the tune PIANO MAN.
  • woodstock

    when 400.000 people converged on a dairy in a rural new york for a three day festival of 'LOVE AND MUSIC"in 1969. they had no idea that they were creating history.
  • discotheque

    however, in the 1970's , it was the standard dress for an evening spent at the local discotheque. disco is a style of dance music that was popular fro the early 1970's until the mid 1980's
  • erci clapton

    he launched his solo career and has recard many blues and rock songs, continuing to be most versatile of pop artists.
  • one hit wanders

    one hit wander are typically arthists that produce a hit song that either makes the billboard lists, or gets played frequently on MTV ,VH1, or the radio .but as its popularity faded quickly , it left host of one hit wonders drifting back into obscurity before they could replicate their succes s.