Robert Sternberg

  • Born

    Robert Sternberg was born on december 9th of 1949 in New Jersey.
  • Period: to

    Robert Sternberg's Life

  • First gains an interest in psychology

  • Developed his STOMA test

    Developed the sternberg test of mental abilities after realising that he suffered from test anxiety and this potrayed his intelligence negatively on a traditional I.Q test.
  • Graduated from college with his B.A in psychology

    Graduqated from Yale with a BA in psychology even though his professor tryed to convince him to change his major.
  • Graduated with Ph.D

    Graduated from Stanford with his Ph.D.
  • Period: to

    Time spent working at Yale

  • Publication of Triarchy of Intelligence

  • Published works on Triangular Theory of Love