robert sternberg

  • birth

  • interest

    Sternberg's interest in studying intelligence was first peaked in the sixth grade after suffering from text anxiety and failing an intelligence test.
  • STOMA test made

    STOMA test made
    one year later, in the seventh grade, Sternberg developed his first intelligence test: the Sternberg Test of Mental Ability, or STOMA.
  • attended yale

    attended yale
    In his first year in college at Yale, he preformed so poorly in a largely rote-based Introductory Psychology course, the professor urged Sternberg to pursue a career outside of the field of psychology.
  • graduation

    Sternberg went on to earn his BA summa cum laude from Yale, and to earn the Sidney Siegel Memorial Award while pursuing his doctorate at Stanford.
  • triarch theory of intelligence

    triarch theory of intelligence