Rise of the Totalitarianism

  • Mussolini and the birth of fascism

    The first of these new leaders was the Italian BEnito Mussolini.
    He had begun a public life in the early 1900s.
    By the war's end, Mussolini had moved to the far right of Italian politics.
    He strongly oppsed socalism and communism.
  • Hitlers ride to power

    An unsuccessful art student, he was rejected by the Austrian militry because they thought he was too week to cary a weapon.
    Hitler volunteered for the Germany army.
    Hitlers anger about the treaty of versailles led him into politics.
    While in prison, he produced a book called Mein Jampf- german for "my struggle".
  • Other Regimes

    Spain erupted in civil war in the 1930s.
    Communism was already estabished when Joseph Stalin came to power in the mid 1920s.
    Joseph created a myth of his own greatness.
    Military leaders used violence to gain control over the government.
  • Italy invades Ethiopia

    In 1935 Mussolinis Italy invaded the East AFrican nation of Ehtiopia.
    Italy did manage to keep several smaller conlonies in East Africa.
    The Ethopians wee unable to resist the mor powerful Italian forces, and Italy soon conquered the country.
    President Franklin Roosevelt was unwilling to take formal steps to punish Mussolini.