Rhyo Rainsford

  • Birth of Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Red hot Chili Peppers is a rock/funk band that was created in Los Angeles.
  • First preformance

    the Red Hot Chili Peppers first preformance was at rhythm lounge.
  • Big Hit

    The RHCP made their first big sell on the 29 of september 1987, and the album made top 200
  • new bandmembers

    the first two band member dided and Dewayne replaced solvak
  • New Label

    in 1990 RHCP changed labels to warner bros. records.
  • first grammy

    on 24 november, RHCP relesed the song, ''give it away'' and they got a grammy for best rock band with vocals
  • Calaforinacation

    a very good album by RHCP in 2002 with 5 hit singles
  • stadium- arcadioum

    the RHCP prdouced another album, but this one had 28 songs 14 on each side of the disk.
  • non-stop

    the bandmembers got tyred of wrighting songs non-stop after calafoiniacation and kedias is preocupied with his son and his tv-show
  • come-back

    the RHCP are going to play on the 24, 26. 28 of janauary 2012 in the stadium of light.