• LIberal Revolution in France

    Liberals overthrow the Bourbon monarch Charles X and establish a constitutional monarchy. Louis Philippe becomes the new king .
  • Belgium revolts against the Dutch Republic

    Nationalist rebels in the Dutch Republic rebelled and created the independent state of Belgium.
  • Polish Revolt

    Polish nationalist revolt against Russia in an attempt to form an independent Polish state. This revolution was crushed by Russian armies.
  • Italian Revolt

    Several nationalist Italian states attempted to revolt into a new country but the revoultion was put down by Austrian troops.
  • Problems in France

    Economic problems in France led to an unhappy lower-middle class and unhappy citizens wanting the right to vote in the upper-middle class. Despite angry citizens, King Louis Philippe reused to make changes.
  • French Revolt

    The monarchy was overthrown and a republic was set up based on universal male suffrage. workshops were set up to provide jobs for the unemployed, however, this caused the treasury to be depleted. After more revolts, a new constitution was made and a new leader was elected.
  • Revolts in Italian States

    The Italian states of Lombardy and Venetia revolted against the Austrian Empire. The other Italian states soon followed in suit and took up arms in an attempt to create liberal constitutions and a unified Italy. By 1849, the Austrian Empire had put down the revolts and restored the old order in Italy.
  • Revolts in Austria

    Demonstrations erupted in major cities across the empire demanding for a constitution and other states wanting their own government. By the end of October, Austrian troops had put down the uprisings across the empire.
  • The Frankfurt Assembly

    The Frankfurt Assembly, an all-German parliament, was held to try to create a united German state with a constitution and an emmperor with a limited monarachy. The parliament was to be elected by direst universal male suffrage. The Frankfurt Assembly was ultimatley unable to enforce German rulers to accept the constitution.