Revolutionary war

revolutionary war timeline

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    revolutionary war

  • The British Retreat

    The British Retreat
    when the British decided to retreat, they began a march back to Boston. when the British reached Boston they had lost 73 men and 174 were wounded. The Americans lost 49 men and 41 were wounded.
  • lexington and concord

    the first shot started the revolutution in lexington, Massachusetts. April 18, 1775, British went 700 soldiers to take all of the guns the colonists had in Concord. Paul Revere went to Lexington and the colonists the british are coming. By the time the British got Lexington, the colonists were gone.
  • battle of bunker hill

    the colonist went on top of the two hills earlyin the morning to shooot at the british. they stole weapons from the british and and started shooting at them. when the british awoke they started to march up the hill. they tryed that 4 times and on the fourth try they got up because the colonist ran out of ammunition.
  • The Fort Ticonderoga

    The Fort Ticonderoga
  • invasion of canada

    The Invasion of Canada was the first major military initiative by the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
  • declaration of independence

    declaration of independence
    the holiday celebrated today honor of the congresses approvel of the declaration of independence. ben franklin said when he signed the declaration of independence ha said, "we must all hang together or most assurgedly we shall all hang seperatly. he meant by this that every one would have to stick together so then it would work. it changed the revolution by there was fighting to create a nation and there was no turning back.
  • Fight for New York

    during the war the british had more of an advantage of winning because they had many more people and ammunition compared to washingtons forces.
    durring the summer in 1776 the contenental congress was considering independance.
    nathan hales became an american legand, he was a conneticut officer. before he died his last words wher "i only regret that i have but one life to lose for my country.
    on december 1776 the british thretened philidolphia. many people deserted and others seemed ready to go ho
  • battle of saratoga

    Burgoyne wanted three British armies to march to Albany,New York form diffrent directions.So they are surrounded and then they would crush American forces there. his plan was unsuccsesful because it dident work how he expected it to. the American's won the battle of saratoga
  • Defending the Frontier

    the man that sent to defend the Fronteir was from
  • crossing the delaware

    crossing the delaware
    on christmas night goerge washington led 2400 men across the delaware river. early on december 26 1776 they reached the banks. they attacked trenton early in the morning. the americans won the battle. washington escaped the britsh by
  • defending the frontier

    george washington was sent to defend the frontier and he was from westmoreland county. george washington captured Clinton and Montgomery forts the most easiest.
  • battle of york town

    the battle of yorks town was where the british were going togo to the coast and other british were going to pick them up but in stead the french and americans trapped them by land and water. they attacked the british. the british finally surendered.
  • valley forge

    it was winter and the troops of goerge washington had moved to the valley forge to keep safe. they marched so muchy that only a little of his man had shoes. they rapped cloth on their feet so they wouldnt freeze. since winter was coming many wounded soilders died of the cold and cold weather. many others died of diseases or dirty clothes that had bacteria and killed them.
  • War at Sea

    the british had a bigger army then the americans but the americans where still good enough to beat the british witch they did because when they where in war on theyer ship he still ordered his team to fire and keep killing when there ship was all messed up he still refused to give up instead he said "i have not yet begun to fight." after that the result of the battle left the british surrenduring and also dead because the americans won
  • Battle of Cowpens