Revolution timeline


  • Infected crops

    Infected crops
    Bad harvests contribute to high food prices and hunger. Significance - The people riot for there right to survive.
  • New Revolutionary rights.

    New Revolutionary rights.
    The Assembly creates the declaration of rights of man that was modeled after the American declaration of independance. I think it helped because now the people understand thier rights completely.
  • Napoleon takes control

    Napoleon takes control
    Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the directory and replaces it with a new government where he is the first consul leader. Now that the revolution has a leader, less chaos will occur.
  • Rise to Dominence

    Rise to Dominence
    Rasputins influence over Czarina reached its peak.
    Significance- They have power over the U.S.S.R..
  • The treaty of Litovsk

    The treaty of Litovsk
    Russia signed the treaty of Litovsk with Germany. Significance- For happyness you must risk one thing for another.
  • The Propaganda act of 1928

    The Propaganda act of 1928
    Stalin used propaganda to a revive russian nationalism.
    significace. It helped people support communism.