Reniassance Trade, Travel and Exploration Timeline

  • Mar 4, 1394

    Prince Henry born

    Prince Henry the Navigator born
  • Jan 1, 1418

    Prince Henry sets up Navigation School

    Sometime in this year Prince Henry creates a Navigation School where people learnt all about navigation
  • Jan 1, 1450

    Bartolomeu Dias born

    Sometime in this year, Bartolomeu Dias is born. Exact date is unknown
  • Oct 31, 1451

    Christopher Columbus born

    Christopher Columbus is born
  • Jan 1, 1465

    Vasco da Gama born

    Sometime around this year, Vasco da Gama was born
  • Nov 13, 1469

    Prince Henry died

    On this day, Prince Henry the Navigator died
  • Jan 1, 1480

    Ferdinand Magellan born

    Ferdinand Magellan is born sometime in this year
  • Jan 1, 1487

    Bartolomeu Dias leads exploration around tip of Africa

    In this year, Bartolomeu Dias leads exploration around tip of Africa
  • Oct 11, 1492

    Columbus spots the Windies

    On this day, Colombus and his fleet spotted the first of the Carribean Islands
  • Nov 22, 1497

    da Game rounds tip of Africa

    On this day, Vasco da Gama rounds the tip of Africa
  • May 29, 1500

    Bartolomeu Dias dies

    On this day, Bartolomeu Dias died
  • May 20, 1506

    Christopher Columbus dies

    On this day, Christopher Columbus died
  • Sep 1, 1519

    Ferdinand Magellan sets sail for southern Spain

    Sets sail for southern Spain with a small fleet of 5 ships
  • Apr 27, 1521

    Ferdinand Magellan dies

    On this day, Ferdinand Magellan died
  • Dec 23, 1524

    Vasco da Gama dies

    On this day Vasco da Gama died