Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  • Band founded

  • First show in Rhythm Lounge club in LA

  • First album release

    Album was named "Red Hot Chili Peppers". 300.000 copies sold
  • Second album "Freakey Styley" release

  • Band of the year

    by LA weekly
  • "The Uplift Molo Party Plan" release

    This album debuted on US Billboard’s 200 at 148th place
  • New members joined the band

    John Frusciante (guitarist) and Chad Smith (drummer) joined
  • Hillel Slovak died because of drugs OD

  • "Mother's Milk" release

    "Mother’s Milk" reached 52nd place in US Billboard’s 200
  • "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" release

    It was a big blow up for the band. BSSM reached 2nd place on Billboard’s 200
  • RHCP won Grammy Award

    for Best Hard Rock Performance With Vocal
  • Frusciante quits the band

    He’s struggling with drug addiction
  • "Under the Bridge" was released as single

    Released as single reached 2nd place on Billboard’s 200
  • Dave Navarro joins the band as a guitarist

    He replaces John Frusciante
  • "One Hot Minute" released

    Album sold pretty well, but not quite as good as BSSM
  • Frusciante rejoined the band

    After Dave Navarro left old guitarist, John Frusciante rejoined the band
  • "Californication" released

    It is their most famous album. It achieved 3rd place in Billboard’s 200
  • Another Grammy Award

    Song Scar Tissue won for Best Rock Song in year 2000
  • "By the Way" release

    It reaches 2nd place in Billboard’s 200
  • "Greatest Hits" release

    Album included 2 new songs
  • Live Album Release

    After 3 days of concerts in June 2004 in Hyde Park London RHCP release their first live album. More than 258.000 fans paid over 17 million dollars for watching the 3 day live album recording.The event ranked No. 1 on Billboard's Top Concert Boxscores of 2004.
  • "Stadium Arcadium" release

    RHCP released their ninth album in 2006. Album achieved 1st place at US, UK and 25 other countries charts and won 5 Grammys.
  • John Frusciante leaves RHCP

  • "I’m with You" release

    Album topped charts in 18 countries
  • RHCP was inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  • "The Getaway" release

    Last RHCP album
  • John Frusciante rejoins RHCP