• Great American Desert

    Major Stephen Long explores the great plain region with army expedition, calling it almost wholly unfit for cultivation. The land had a rainfall average of less than 20in per year. Trees only grew along stream.
  • Farming

    Farmers were now using newly desighned steel plows, seed drills, reapers, and threshing machines. The new machines made dry farming possible.
  • Start of Raids

    Tension between the indians and the settler began to increase because miners flocked to colorado for gold and silver. The indians would raid the rains and wagons during this time.
  • union advance

    Lincon orders troops into tennessee, arkansas, and louisnia. Military governors were appointed by lincon.
  • First Uprising

    The first major clash between whites on the plains and indians on the plains. The indians attack and cause an uprising on the plains; the sioux people.
  • Homestead Act

    An act that made someone able to purchess a tract of public land avaible for settlement. A homesteader could clain 160 acers of public land.
  • Delayed Annuities

    Congress made things worse for the Dakota when they delayed annuities to the people. The annunities were payments that were to reservation dwellers at least once per year.
  • Proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction

    Lincon enacted this to pardon southerners that would take an oath of loyality to the us. They had to accept the rules about slavery.
  • Major Raids

    Travlers heading to denver or the mining towns were no longer safe. Trade had come to a stop and dozens of ranches had been burned. Over 200 settlers had even been killed. The gov. orderd the indians to surrender.
  • Surrender

    Native americans were forced to surrender at fort Lyon but many of them refused to surrender and try to neogiate a peace deal. Americans refused this offer and attacked the native americans.
  • Great Plains Reached

    The railroads began to reach the great plains in the 1960's, Lines ended at Kansas and Missouri, cattle were gatherd and shiped eastern.
  • Redcloud

    Redcloud's forces attack and defeat the army. Redcloud was in wyoming, there was also crazy horse and sitting bull as well.
  • Indian Peace Commision

    Proposed creating two large reservations on the plains, one for the sioux and one for the southern plains. The federal government would run the reservations.
  • Negotiations

    The goverment pressured the indians into sighning treaties at medicne lodge creek. The goverment did not make sure that the indians would abide by the rules of the treaty.
  • Rejection

    Many Native americans rejected the reservations and left to go to hunt buffalo in the great plains. The buffalo had been killed off by the settlers that had moved into the region.
  • Cluster Attacks

    George Cluster commanded an attack on native americans assembled in the great plains. 2500 troops camped along the river, a group of 210 soliders killed them all.
  • Black hills

    Settlers came into south dokata to mine gold in the black hills. Here the Lokota refused to abide by the americans treaty and many left to hunt later that year.
  • Nez Perce

    Forced to move to a smaller reservation cheif joseph fled on a 1300 mile journey to the indians homes. This jurney was caused by the army coming to the indians in idaho.
  • Leadville

    1000 newcomers per week go into the town searching for gold.
    This becomes the biggest boom for a town, effecting the mining frontier.
  • Major exporter

    The U.S. becomes the worlds leading exporter of wheat, the market that the U.S. created was made by the wheat belt. This status was with compition from other countries as well.
  • A century of dishonor published

    Helen jackson published a book that described events where native americans were taken advantage of and massacured. She even included wrongs of congress.
  • Dawes Act

    Act that allowed each head of household to have 160 acers of reservation land for farming. The proceeds of selling would go to a fund for native americans.
  • Oklahoma

    The government opened one of the last large territories for settlement. the land was known as Oklahoma, within hours, 10000 people rushed to the territory.
  • Divide and admittance

    Congress Divided the dokota territory and admitted North Dakota, as well as montana, as a new state
  • Ghost Dance

    Troops chased after indians fleeing a reservation and ended up killing over 200 indian men women and children. Took place at wounded knee creek.