Raymond K - Mexican American War Timeline

By MsOlson
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    Mexican American War

  • Texas Admitted to the Union

    Texas Admitted to the Union
    The United States succesfully accept Texas from Mexico and adds it to the Union.
  • US Tried to Buy Land (Sidell and Polk)

    US Tried to Buy Land (Sidell and Polk)
    John Sidell is sent by President James Polk to Mexico with orders to try to buy New Mexico and California. Mexico turns against their president, Herrera, labeling him as a traitor for almost selling Mexico's northern territories. In response, Herrera refuses to negotiate with Sidell, to save the public opinion of him.
  • US Troops Stationed at Disputed Border

    US Troops Stationed at Disputed Border
    United States Army troops, led by General Taylor, move toward the Rio Grande into disputed territory claimed by both Mexico and the US.
  • US Declares War

    US Declares War
    Polk askes the US congress to declare war on Mexico. Congress aproves $10 million and 50,000 voluntary troops for the war effort. President Polk hopes that by declaring war, Mexico will become intimidated and would resolve the Texas border issue and would sell California and New Mexico to the US.
  • US Victory

    US Victory
    There were many US victories in the war, including the Battle of Palo Alto. General Taylor's army wins this battle, driving the Mexicans back across the Rio Grande.
  • Mexico City Surrendered

    Mexico City Surrendered
    In the Battle of Mexico City, the Mexicans are unable to get reinforcements quick enough to combat the US. The US invades the city and the Mexicans finally surrender thier city.
  • Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo

    Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo
    A treaty is singed of Guadelupe Hidalgo and is sent to Congress for aproval. Both the Mexican and US goverments aprove the treaty.