rawlins supranationalism and devolution

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  • triple entente (pre-WW1)

    triple entente (pre-WW1)
    Countries: Britain, France, and Russia
    Type: political/military
    Purpose: not going to attack one another, trying to stop germany from taking over.
  • NATO

    Countries: Britain, France, U,S, and Canada
    Type: political/military
    Purpose: for the soviet union to create its own allience against the U.S.
  • warsaw pact

    warsaw pact
    Countries: Soviet Union, east Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania
    Type: Political/military
    Purpose: Soviet Union saw NATO as a threat and formed its own allience
  • EU

    Countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and United Kingdom
    Type: economic
    Purpose: to gain more economic success in the european countries

    Countries: Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (EU)
    Type: Political/military
    Purpose: For regions to make trade agreements with eachother
  • Great Britian and Scotland

    Great Britian and Scotland
    the SNP didn't originally support devolution, but supported they 1997 election because it was a step stone to full independence