Rákóczi's War of Independence

  • Die in Pozsony

    During the Diet in Pozsony, Hungarian estates gave up certain rights which made absolutism possible, including the right to choose a king, and the right of resistance.
  • Cause of the revolt - General discontent

    1.The right of freely election of king, right of resistance was abolished —hurt aristocracy
    2.The commission of Neoacquistion: tax examptionwas abolished, and noble have to pay 10 % of value to got back their former land. —hurt nobles.
    3. Taxation had increased suddenly, effects of counter-reformation —hurt citizens and peasants
    4.Soldiers were being ignored, fortresses were destroyed — hurt soldiers
  • Uprising in Tokaji-hegyalja

    It was a unseccessful campaign and eventually was put down.
  • Uprising in Tizsaha’t

    Kuruc forces participated and asked Rákoczi to be their leader
  • Period: to

    Rákoczi insurrection

    Rakoczi need more peasants to join, Palent of vetes was issued, it promised tax examption to those serfs who fough in the war.
    Properties was protected by Patent of Gyula
    Kuruc army received finacial support from Louis XIV.