Radio History

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  • Marconi invented the radio

    Marconi sent out the first message (a beep) via "radio"
    It was the first time anyone had ever transmitted a message through waves and delivered it to several locations.
  • Hertz discovered radio waves

    After mathematically discovering the possible existence of radio waves and working extensively on an experiment to prove they were real he finally discovered them.
  • First radio

    Nikola Tesla created the first radio it all started with the discovery of "radio waves" and the device that Nikola created was the kickstart to radio broadcasting and show.
  • Wireless Communication

    In 1899 the United States Army established wireless communications with a lightship off Fire Island, New York. Two years later the Navy adopted a wireless system as well.
  • Transatlantic Message

    Marconi sent the first transatlantic message and succeeds at communicating. He sent the letter "s" in morse code over 2,000 miles away from Cornwall, England to Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Message from Canada

    Marconi received the message he sent from England at St. John's, Newfoundland. The massage won him fame all around the world with people who had heard about his message actually making it accross the ocean.
  • Titanic

    The Titanic sank and if it had not been for transatlantic communication or wireless telegraphy there would have not been any survivors and no one would have realized the ship sank until the day it was meant to arrive.
  • Transpacific Message

    In 1912 the first message to cross the pacific ocean was successfully sent and received The first transpacific message was sent from San Francisco to Hawaii.
  • WWI

    The US went into war and most private US radio stations were ordered by the President to shut down or be taken over by the government for war information. During the war it became illegal for US citizens to have a transmitter.
  • Great Depression

    During the great depression radio broadcasts were what brought family together and provided a distraction from the hardships during that time.
  • TV's took over

    Had it not been for music, radios would have died out a long time ago, back when TV's were created. All the advertisers and shows moved on to TV leaving radio shows in the dust.
  • No.1 for 20 weeks

    Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack stayed at No.1 for 20 weeks, that is longer than Michael Jackson and Garth Brooks records on Billboard.
  • The Beatles take over the charts

    On April 4th The Beatles took over the Billboard top 5 hits, their songs took over and filled at top 5 spots for an entire week, no one has ever been able to beat this record but 50 cent came close in 2005.
  • Boom box

    The boom box was created, it was called boom box because it was meant to be used for loud music (80's music) the speakers were made bigger than any other radio before and it was specifically for music.
  • VMA's

    The first ever VMA show was broadcasted mixing both TV and radio success. The most successful artist who were on top of the music charts were awarded as well as those with the most popular music videos on tv.