Qing Dynasty

By joe34
  • Qing Dynasty comes into power

    Qing Dynasty comes into power
    The Manchus raided China and the old Ming dynasty fell. They created the Qing dynasty.
  • Period: to

    Qing dynasty

  • Shizu becomes emporer

    Shizu becomes the first Qing emporer
  • Shengzu Becomes Emporer

    Shengzu becomes the 2nd emporer of Qing dynasty after Shizu died.
  • China Prospers

     China Prospers
    China begins a prosperous 18th century. It accomplises many things in this time period including expanding the Qing empire into neifghboring territories.
  • Shizong Becomes Emporer

    Shizong becomes 3rd emporer after Shengzu dies.
  • China Becomes a Superpower

    China Becomes a Superpower
    China becomes one of the the largest, richest empires on Earth
  • Gaozong Becomes Emporer

    Gaozong becomes the 4th Qing emporer taking over a prosperous China.
  • Gaozong Becomes Emporer

    Gaozong succedes Shizong as emporer and takes over a prosperous China as the 4th emporer of the Qing dynasty
  • Renzong Becomes Emporer

    Renzong takes over China, which is now a total superpower.
  • Chia falls behind

    Chia falls behind
    China becomes a much less prosperous country than those in the West, although they are still a world power.
  • Xuanzong becomes Emporer

    Xuanzong takes over anow less advanced China.
  • Wenzong Becomes Emporer

    Wenzog takes over a China that is slowly starting to crumble. It continues its power days, though.
  • Muzong Becomes Emporer

    China continues to slow as Muzong becomes emporer.
  • Dezong Becomes Emporer

    Dezong takes over a China that is starting to fall apart and rebel,
  • Modi Becomes Emporer

    Modi Becomes Emporer
    External problems become a serious issue, while Modi takes over a China in ruins as problems escalate.
  • The Dynasty Falls

    The Dynasty Falls
    The Qing dynasty falls. China is so ruined that the dynasitc system is eliminated completely.