Qing Dynasty

  • Ruling times

    Ruling times
    the Qing Dynasty ruled from 1644 to 1911 during the time period the Qing Dynasty China was in a big pickle with wars and revolution. Also the Qing Dynasty is the last Dynasty of ancient China. The Qing also enforced harsh laws.
    The pic shows the flag during the time
  • All about the Qing

    All about the Qing
    The Qing came after the Ming Dynasty after the last emperor hung himself ontop of coal hill. And was founded by the Republic of China.
    pic shows a great painting of a Qin leader
  • Opium trouble

    Opium trouble
    The opium wars began once the Qing leader took 20,000 chests of opium. and this made the british mad so the declared war and easily won. For the Qing did not have the latest technology.
    Another explanation: Opium was traded between the British and the Chinese. Opium was very addictive and is worth alot ( which hurt the Chinese). But later on opium trade was illegal. But when the Chinese took 20,000 chest of opium they were sooon forced to sign the Treating of Nanking also paying for everything
  • Taiping Rebellion

    Taiping Rebellion
    The Qing Dynasty taxed peasants. This made them angry. They started a rebellion and they called themselves Taiping Tianguo, which means "Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace." By the end of the rebellion the Taiping Tianguo were defeated.
  • Getting Advanced

    Getting Advanced
    The Qing Dynasty wanted to get more advanced with technology so they used Western technologies but tried to preserve Chinese culture at the same time. The built modern weapons and warships.
  • From Emperor to Empress

    From Emperor to Empress
    Guang Xi updated the civil service exam and set up new schools to teach new ideas. Not everyone in China like his proposal. His aunt, Ci Xi, got him arrested and took control of China.
  • Another Rebellion

    Another Rebellion
    Westerners called themselves the Boxers. Their goal was to force all Christians and foreigners to leave China. The Empress supported their idea. All of the foreign Christians were attacked and killed. As a result, or the rebellion, the empress was forced to allow foriegn armys to occupy China.
  • Japan Vs Korea

    Japan Vs Korea
    Japan had conquered Korea in 1910 A.D
  • It Comes To An End

    It Comes To An End
    After the Empress died and there were no other strong leaders to take over, the throne was given to a 2-year old boy named Pu-Yi. This ended the dynasties in China.
  • Say Goodbye To The Qing Dynasty

    Say Goodbye To The Qing Dynasty
    In 1911, their was the Wuchang Uprising. Later on, China declared independence which caused an end in the Qing Dynasty, which disintegrated very quickyly.
  • Being Reunited

    Wu Sangui lead an army to finally have the last forces of the Ming Dynasty eliminated, with this the Qing Dynasty was actually reunified.
    ( *1912, not actual date)