Puritan Historical Events

By jrp2461
  • James I becomes King of England

    The actual date is not known.
  • Period: to

    Historical Events

  • Jamestown, Virginia founded by the London Company

  • Virginia House of Burgesses established

  • Pilgrim Sail on the Mayflower to Plymouth Bay

  • Mayflower Compact

  • Maine founded by F. Gorges

  • John Winthrop founded Massachusetts Bay colony

    He became the first governor in 1630 until 1649.
  • Anne Hutichnson came to Boston

    Preached on antinonianisn, when God communicated directly to the individual rather than through the Church elders.
  • Maryland founded by Lord Baltimore

  • Connecticut and Newhaven colonies were founded

  • Roger Williams founded Rhode Island

    The only colony to offer religious fredom
  • Harvard founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Anne Hutchinson banned from Massachusetts

  • Deleware founded

  • Anne Hutchinson's followers founded New Hampshire

  • New England Confederation was organzied by John Winthrop

  • Act of Toleration in Maryland

    An active religious tolerance ordered by Loprd Baltimore and it guaranteed religious freedom to all Christians.
  • North Carolina was founded by the Virginians

  • First Quakers from Massachusetts were arrested and banished

  • Witchcraft trials at Salem Village