psychology timeline

  • Period: 300 to


  • 335


    Aristotle belived the heart was the center for mental processes in 335BC. This a biological belief.
  • 387


    In 387 BC, Plato suggested the brain was the mental process center.This would be a biological event.
  • Franz Mesmer

    Mesmer proposed the body was a magnet and the physician acted like a second magnet to pull the mental illness out of the ill person. When the 'animal magnetism' flowed freely, the body was in a healthy state. This is a psychological event.
  • Philippe Pinel

    Pinel released the first mental patients from confinement in the first massive movement for more humane treatment of the mentally ill. This would be a sociological event.
  • Franz Gall

    Franz Gall wrote about phrenology. It is the idea that a person's skull shape and placement of bumps on the head can reveal personality traits. This is a biological event.
  • Charles Darwin

    Darwin published the On the Origin of Species, detailing his view of evolution and expanding on the theory of 'Survival of the fittest.' This is a sociological event.
  • Sir Francis Galton

    Influenced by Charles Darwin, publishes 'Hereditary Genius,' and argues that intellectual abilities are biological in nature.
  • Egas Moniz

    His work was on frontal lobotomies as a treatment for mental illness. This would be a psychological event because of the treatment to the brain.
  • Electroshock

    Electroshock therapy was first used on a human patient. This is a psychological treatment.
  • Code of Ethics for Psychologists

    The Code of Ethics for Psychologists was developed by the American Psychological Association. This is sociological.