psychedelic rock

  • Period: to

    pshychedlic music timeline

  • Bob Dylan(guitar change)

    The first time Bob Dylan used an electric on stage at the Newport music festival.
  • hendrix plays with Cream

    eric clapton ends up walking off the stage as hendrix basically slorters a song that clapton wanted to play ,but never could
  • monterey music festival

    the rollingstones host there own music festival and hire hells angles as there security also jimmy hendrix and many more play
  • the who and hendrix play the montroy music festival

  • the day the 'magical mystery tour' was released

  • nusic has more meaning

    As America goes to war with viatnam and martin luther king is assasinated the music has more meanign and soul behined it like when jimmy hendrix played the 'star spangled banner '
  • the music dies

    the music dies after the festival disaster