Psychedelic Rock

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    Psychedelic Rock

  • Bob Dylan tries LSD

    In the beginning of 1964, Bob Dylan first started using LSD, and Writing Music while under the influence.
  • First use of the word Psychedelic

    New York group the holy modal rounders release an LP with the first recorded use of the word "Psychedelic"
  • First "Psychedelic Rock Band"

    A band called the Psychedelic Rangers including future DOORS drummer John Densmore is formed in Los Angeles. This is the first known instance of a rock'n'roll band referring to themselves as "psychedelic".
  • the beginning of psychedelic rock

  • First Album under LSD

    The CHARLATANS make their debut performance at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada. This is the first known instance of a band playing rock music under the influence of LSD (many in the audience were tripping too). This event is also commonly seen as the birth of the psychedelic concert poster.
  • Eastern influences

    The Kinks and the Yardbirds Begin using instruments like sitars in their albums.
  • The Beatles begin to use LSD

    The BEATLES record "Norwegian Wood", which contains elements close to psychedelia. At least two of the band members had taken LSD at this point. The track appears on "Rubber Soul", released in December.
  • First use of the term

    The words 'Psychedelic rock' appears on the 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS' business card. This is the first known use of the term
  • First all pyschedelic album

    Rusty Evans & the DEEP record the "Psychedelic Moods" LP in Philadelphia. This is the first ever LP with a consistent psychedelic theme throughout.
  • Good vibrations

    BEACH BOYS release "Good Vibrations". Very popular song, Became a classic
  • Mystic Tide

    New York band the MYSTIC TIDE record a number of outstanding psychedelic tracks, although the 45s are not released until early 1967.
  • Period: to

    Peak of Psychadelia

    Psychedelic rock was at it's peak
  • Jefferson Airplane

    The JEFFERSON AIRPLANE begin recording their 2nd LP, which contains plenty of psychedelic material. Their first LP, which could be considered conventional folk-rock, had been released in August 1966.