Project 1

Timeline created by pleaks
  • Changing Role of Women in the Middle East & Islamic Societies

    Website Muslim women like most women around the world have struggled against inequality and restrictive practices. However the Quran states that men and women are equal in the eyes of God. There are also many wealthy women who historically have had more economic and educational opportunutues becuse of their class in society.
  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Work and Family Roles for Women and Men

    Beliefs about gender roles in society are challegened when women and men make career and family choices that go against traditonal views. But when men and women do what they want, and go against the social norm they have more freedom to pursue a lifestyle that fits them best.
  • Dual Family Earners: Do Role Overload and Stress Treat Them as Equals

    Has the fact that we can be contacted whenever needed by our job, affected our level of stress. Due to the advances of technology and constantly having work on our minds. How are women dealing with the stress and are they dealing with it differently then men.
  • The State of Women in America

    Women are making great moves in getting into the workforce. making up almost half of the workforce and having record numbers of women running for public office. Despite this great accomplishment, women still have some steps to get over. For example women are paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.
  • Retirement Security for Black, Non-Hispanic, White and Mexican - origin Women: The changing roles of marriage and Work

    Over the years patterns among women have changes. Women aree increasingly getting jobs and holding them for longer periods of time. They are marrying at a later age, if even gettign married at all. However women of the middle-class are finding that they must assume greater responsiblilty for insuring their own and their family's money.
  • Changing Family Roles

    Surveys show that many men are willing to help out women, but they still feel that some work is "women work". Which includes cooking and laundry. Mothers average more hours doing housing work and dealing with their children then men do. Although women have alot on their plate they describe themselves as having higher self-esteem.