• The Chalk Board

    The Chalk Board
    For visuals, teachers used the chalk board. This tool was a necessity in every classroom until it was replaced in the mid-90's.
  • Accelerated Reader

    Accelerated Reader
    Helped students read line by line. Similar to "Leap Frog"
  • Language-Lab Headset

    Language-Lab Headset
    Drills and repetition was thought as the best way to teach a new language. These cubicles are were students worked individually with these headsets.
  • The Handheld Calculator

    The Handheld Calculator
    Texas Instrument created the 1st handheld calucuator and still continues to create calculators today.
  • Computers for the class

    Computers for the class
  • Scan-Tron

    Advanced test taking and grading
  • Audio

    CD-ROM-Provided audio in the classrooms that could be used repeatedly at any time necessary.
  • The Dry Erase Board

    The Dry Erase Board
    Introduced in the mid-90s and replaced the chalkboard.
  • The Smart Board

    The Smart Board
    The whiteboard is used as a computer/mouse and provides a more interactive visual..
  • Clickeres

    The 'clickers' surfaced in 2005 which provided a new way for teachers to interact with students during lessons, or as a test.