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  • Billy Bishop

    Billy Bishop
    I think Billy Bishop showed progression. The reason is that he helped to advance Canada's reputation as a reputable air forces in WW1. Also, Billy Bishop was a Canadian pilot in the first world war. Bishop suffered from pneumonia when the regiment was overseas. In March 1917 Billy was sent to the front lines of France where he joined No. 60 Squadron at Filescamp Farm.
    Theme: Political Change
  • Trench Warfare

    Trench Warfare
    I think this event showed progress. Trench Warfare is a type of fighting where both sides who are fighting build trenches to protect themselves from the opposite team. By the end of the war in 1914, both fighting sides built several trenches that travels all the way through Belgium and France.

    Theme: Social Change
  • War Artists

    War Artists
    In my opinion, I think War Artists showed a progression. The reason is several war artists captured Canada's stories and also Canada's history during WW1. This is important because now we have the ability to go back and look, reflect and enjoy what has happened before us.
    Theme: Economic and Social Change
  • Second Battle of Ypres

    Second Battle of Ypres
    I think this event showed a decline because 6,000 soldiers were killed and several injured. This battle pronounced the first use of poisonous gas by the Germans. Even though the gas attack opened a huge wide hole, the Germans stalled to utilize that advantage
    Theme: Social Change
  • Battle of St. Julien

    Battle of St. Julien
    I think the Battle of St. Julien appeared to be a progression because although it was a small portion of a bigger battle, this was what generally introduced poisonous gas into the war.
    Theme: Political Change
  • Poem Flanders Field was Published

    Poem Flanders Field was Published
    When this poem was published it was a progression. This is because the poem was to remember soldiers who died in the war and to never forget what they did for us and our country. On Remembrance Day, this poem was sung to over a million people. The creator of this poem is John McCrae. It was first shown in the Punch Magazine.

    Theme: Social Change
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    I think the Battle of Vimy Ridge appeared to be a progression because it's capture by the Canadians was important. The Battle of Vimy Ridge deeply showed what Canada was capable of. This battle was Canada's most honored victory. During this battle soldiers showed pride and awareness.
    Theme: Political change
  • Conscription

    Personally, I think the conscription appeared to be a decline. The reason is that they wiped and took away the right for Canadians to choose if they wanted to go to war or not.
    Theme: Social Change
  • Halifax Explosion

    Halifax Explosion
    I think the Halifax Explosion was a decline because 2000 people died and 250 were never identified, when a ship carrying bombs crashed because of a mis-communication which caused the explosion. This tragic disaster wiped out 1 square mile of the city Halifax.
    Theme: Economic and Political Change
  • World War 1 Ended

    World War 1 Ended
    I think the end of world war 1 was a decline because it resulted in many soldiers dead and several injured. This day is now called Armistice day. This is because this is the day Germany signed the armistice. An armistice is an agreement of peace, that is how the war ended.
    Theme: Economic change
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    Progress and Decline