Programming Languages Timeline

  • Plankalkul was invented

    made by Konrad Zuse. worlds first high level computer language.
  • Fortran was invented

    made by John Backus and IBM. first compiler ever developed.
  • Math-Matic was invented

    developed by Charles Katz. it was the early programming language for UNIVAC 1 and 2.
  • COBOL was invented

    made by Grace Murray Hopper. made to be a user friendly business software. stands for Common Business Oriented Language.
  • Lisp was invented

    made by John McCarthy at MIT. created as a practical mathematical notation for computer programs.
  • RPG was invented

    stands for Report Program Generator. 2nd most used language after COBOL. made for punch card machines.
  • Basic is invented

    stands for Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. made by John George Kemeny and Tom Kurtzas at Dartmouth as a teaching tool.
  • Visual Basic was invented

    3rd generation event driven programming language. made by John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz.
  • Logo was invented

    Made by Apple inc. led by Wally Feurzeig and Seymore Papert. made for educational use.
  • B was invented

    made by D.M. Richie and K.L. Thompson.
  • ML was invented

    made by Robin Milner. Stands for meta language. uses Henry-Milner type algorithims.
  • Pascal was invented

    made by Niklaus Wirth. made to teach students structured programming.
  • SQL was invented

    made by Donald D. Chamberlin. designed for managing data and data base systems.
  • C was invented

    made by Dennis Ritchie. made with the purpose of creating a language that was capable of high level programming and would still allow the programmer to control individual bits of information.
  • C++ was invented

    made by Bjarne Stroustrup. made to develope commercial software packages.
  • ADA was invented

    named after ada lovelace. program designed by a team led by Jean Ichbiah. made to supercede hundreds of programming languages.
  • Java was invented

    made by the Green team led by James Gosling. made game consoles and appliances communicate.
  • Python was invented

    made by Guido van Rossum. successor to ABC language.
  • PHP was created

    made by Rasmus Lerdorf. stands for Personal Home Page. can jump between HTML and PHP.
  • Delphi was invented

    makes programming for windows easy. developed by borland.
  • JavaScript was invented

    makes web pages interactive. made by Brendan Eich.