Professional Growth Plan Module 5

  • Blogger

    Started a blog and worked through how to get set up and what a blog looks like. The blog will evolve as I understand my presence on the internet in a blog form.
  • Period: to

    Education 5203

    Working on University Course for Acadia
  • Contacted HRSB Tilt and CCRSB

    Contacted HRSB and CCRSB to learn more about Moodle took a look at some examples
  • Set up Eduportal account

  • Online Forum on Moodle and Eduportal

    Started the Conversation in a forum about Moodle and Eduportal.
  • Worked on Moodle and Understanding how to set up a Moodle site

    Worked on how to have student blog and set up a Moodle site.
  • Created my first Prezi

    Submitted April 1. I struggled to make it public so I could attach it to my website. I had to use many online tutorials. I blogged about it and finally I was able to upload the end result.
  • Wroking with integration Moodle in my science curriculum

    Worked for a few weeks to have students use Moodle in the classroom. Got student set up with email account and got them logged in to accept my courses. Blogging began
  • First attempt at Glogster

    I started using Glogster and I gave students the option to use Glogster in their Internet Safety Posters Many students used the resource and were excited with the new choice
  • Worked on my Website

    For several weeks in April I worked through changing my website to be more functional for students and to update my Welcome to 5203 website.
  • My first Mindomo

    Used Mindomo to think about what I want to learn and how I want to evolve with Technology in the classroom and in my life outside of teaching.
  • Period: to

    The Future- Goals for the Future This year

    Working on carrying on with things I have started.
  • Moodle

    Continuing with updating and learning about Moodle and having more of my outcomes covered in the site with students accessing at least once a week.
  • Mindomo, Prezi, TimeToast, Glogster

    My goal in the month of june is to create 2 or more online tools to share and introduce different options to my students.
    To keep my skills up and to encourage different ways for students to meet the outcomes in my courses.
  • Continuious Learning with Online Resources

  • Website Presence

    Working with learning more about webdesign to improve my communication tool and my professional presence online.
    Make the website more useful for my parents, coworkers and students.
    Action Plan: Use resources or PD to advance my skills.
  • Period: to

    Future Plans to take what I learned and apply it to my professional goals

    My future goals for myself with Technology
  • Workign on Google Docs

    Use online tutorial to set up an online doc for personal use.
  • Meet with another teacher to set up Problem Solving Skype Opportunity

    I have build a resource depot on Fermi Problems so using this to have groups of students do work and present to other students in other schools and work in groups through skype.
  • Meeting Spaces

    Become familiar with meeting spaces
    Work with Professional Development team to use Meeting spaces in Family of schools.
  • Moodle -Podcasts

    Create Podcasts for students to introduce Cells Unit in Science
  • Try 8-10 online tools in my classroom this year

    Pick a new online tool show it students and use it in daily lessons. One a month