Professional Growth- Educational Technology

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  • Moodle- St. Francis Xavier

    Moodle- St. Francis Xavier
    Moodle is a closed environment where you can provide class materials to your students. You can also administer assignments and discussion forums as well as many other functions available within the Moodle environment. Courses I will be taking will be through Moodle.
  • EDUC5203 Introduction to Educational Technology

    EDUC5203 Introduction to Educational Technology
    Began Technology course through Acadia University.The Acadia Graduate Calendar says …
    "This course examines the use of computers and information technology in classrooms and other educational settings. Emphasis is placed on the integration of the foregoing in curriculum and instruction." Looking forward to exploring technology.
  • Dropbox

    With Dropbox, you can put your stuff in Dropbox and get to it from your computers, phones, or tablets. Edit docs, automatically add photos, and show off videos from anywhere. You can also share with confidence. Everything's automatically private, so you control who sees what.I created a Dropbox to keep my journal.
  • Beginning to Question

    Beginning to Question
    As I began this course I found myself wondering...
    "how much richness does my classroom provide? Am I reaching my students? Am I engaging them on a regular basis?”
  • Partnership for 21st Century

    Partnership for 21st Century
    Partnership- 21st CenturyPartnership for 21st Century Skills website. This site aims to fuse the 3Rs and 4Cs (Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and innovation) together. Valuable information was gathered from this site.
  • iste, National Educational Technology Standards

    iste, National Educational Technology Standards
    The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) are the standards for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age and are widely recognized and adopted worldwide. Once again, valuable information that will direct and guide teachers who are expolring technology integration.
  • Nova Scotia Education: The Integration of Information and Communication Technology, within the Curriculum

    Nova Scotia Education: The Integration of Information and Communication Technology, within the Curriculum
    Nova Scotia Education: The Integration of Information and Communication Technology, within the Curriculum This document provided a clear explanation of the expectation that that province of Nova Scotia has outlined for students. A valuable document that will support teachers. All teachers should be familar with this document. Thanks for sharing, I had never seen this before.
  • Nova Scotia Virtual Schools

    Nova Scotia Virtual Schools
    NS Virtual Schools
    An online discussion I participated in provided valuable information about online courses that were offered at the high schoo level. As I prepare to move to a high school in the fall I am interested in knowing more.The Nova Scotia Virtual School is a common provincial online learning platform created as a joint project between provincial school boards and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Nova Scotia.
  • Leech

    Leech Great program, easy to download and use. Allowed me to create website.
  • Webspace

    Wilkins Web
    Wilkins web is up and running. I will be able to use this in September.
  • Explore Web 2.0 Tools

    Explore Web 2.0 Tools
    Exploring web 2.0 tools allowed me to see the many possibilities and options.
  • Tagxedo

    Great site for staff and students to express themselves. I enjoyed brainstorming lists of words for a topic then choosing an appropriate shape to represent my thoughts.
  • Animoto

    Animoto allowed me to create a short video with my own pictures, and words. There is also the option to include video clips. This site will allow me, my coworkers and the students to express, share and display their ideas.I created a short video for students to access.
  • Google Account

    Google Account
    I created a Google Account and Calendar for website.This calendar will allow me to communicate important dates with my students.
  • Youtube Channel

    Youtube Channel
    I created a YouTube Channel. It will provide a site to share valuable videos with staff and students.
  • Twitter Account

    Twitter Account
    I created a Twitter account. As I get use to using my account, I will look to use it as a communication tool in September.
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    PowerPoint Presentation
    I created a PowerPoint presentation that could be used to support staff through the process of embracing social media through cell phone use within school.
  • Poll Everywhere

    Poll Everywhere
    I created a Poll Everywhere account. This account can be used in school to engage the students and encourage responses in class discussion.
  • Valuable Social Media Sites

    Valuable  Social Media Sites
    Social MediaSocial MediaInteresting Social Networks Great resources to support learning.
  • What is iNSchool?

    What is iNSchool?
    iNSchooliNSchool A province-wide program aimed at leveraging technology to better support student achievement. iNSchool is led by our province’s eight school boards and the Department of Education.
    • PowerSchool - a system that manages core student information - such as demographics, attendance, behaviour, achievement and schedules - for roughly 130,000 students;
    • TIENET - a system that better enables educators to manage extended services - such as
  • Period: to

    What is iNSchool?

    <ahref='' >TIENET</a> As a resource teacher I need to be able to access and use programs within iNSchool. Powerschhol and TIENET will allow me to access student records, attendance, incident management, IPPs and adaptations. I will require support and trainning from administration and board professional development.
  • Handheld Devices- Ipads in the classroom

    Handheld Devices- Ipads in the classroom
    I hope to explore the idea of integrating mobile technology,
    Ipads in the classroom, PODS, and be current with educational apps.
  • Introducing cellphone use in the classroom

    Introducing cellphone use in the classroom
    I would like to look at the opportunities of introducing the resources I explored for my assignment, "21st Century Learner: Embracing Cell Phone Use to Support the Curriculum".
    Collaborating with administration and colleagues will allow opportunity to share the several resources gathered.This may occur through plcs and/or professional development opportunities.
  • Period: to

    Handheld devices

    It is my intention to integrate the use of hand held devices into my regular classroom experiences.The Halifax Regional School board has begun to support and encourage the use of Ipads with in the daily structure of the classroom. As a resource teacher I have had the opportunity to support students academic program through the use of IPads. In participating in this course I have come to realize that the options are endless. My goal is to explore and discover apps that will support my students.