Practicum In Teaching Timeline

  • Period: to

    The Practice Teaching Experience

  • First day in my cooperating school

  • Observation of a classroom

    5-Jacinto, 6-Acacia, 6-Kamagong
  • Period: to


  • First Teaching - Demonstration of the Microscope

    Do the illustration of the Microscope in Manila paper
  • Introduce the Lesson on the Circulatory System

  • Assist Teacher Hannah in Checking students assignment

  • Discuss the role I will play as a Teacher Assistant

  • Assist in the ScienceProject of 5-Rizal

    Tabulation of information of the different respiratory ailments/illnesses for humans
  • Observation of an experienced teacher

    Observation of Teacher Brenda in her C.L. class for 40 minutes
  • Observation of a classroom

    Observe Classroom management in 5-Quezon
  • Observation of a Novice Teacher

    Observation with Teacher Angel in RP-LS class in Grade 5 for 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Observation of an Expert/Experienced Teacher

    Observe Teacher Malou Santiago in her Math class in 6-Kamagong
  • Teacher Assistant to Teacher Hannah

    Teacher Hannah had their graded recitation in Science 6-Kamagong
  • Teach the Nervous System

    Teach the Nervous system in 6-Kamagong
  • Observation of a Novice Teacher

    Observe HS Teacher Lovely in her Biology class
  • Teacher Assist to Teacher Hannah

    Go with Teacher Hannah in all her subject teaching.
  • Teacher Assistant St.James Feastday

    Mass at the Audi-gym. Classroom guide/guard. Assistant teacher.
  • Proctor for the Grade 5 Mastery Test

  • Teacher Assistant duty

    Task for the day is to photocopy the Sabayang Pagbigkas na Tula for preparation of the Buwan ng Wika activity this August.
  • Teacher Assistant duty

    Help my cooperating teacher in the checking of exam papers. Alphabetizing and recording of quizzes for Grades 5 and 6 Science class.
  • Subject Teaching

    Discuss the Brain to the 3 classes of Grade 6 students.
  • Subject Teaching

    Discuss Ailments of the Nervous System to the 3 Grade 6 level classes.
  • Subject Teaching

    Discuss the Ways to Protect and Prevent Diseases of the Nervous System.
  • Subject Teaching- Final Demonstration

    Discuss the Endocrine System to Grade 6-Narra.
  • Special Education Observation

    SPED classroom observation for Educ 105... reflection to be included in this e-portfolio
  • Submit TMA1 & TMA2

    Submit TMA1 & TMA2 softcopy - August 18, 2011
    Submit TMA1 & TMA2 hardcopy LC Diliman - August 20, 2011