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Power Up Implementation Plan - Lee HS

By msacko
  • Laptop Deploment - Teachers

    Deployment Plan for teachers:
    - Introduction to Power up, laptop distribution and setup
    -Responsible Use Policy
    -Office 365
  • Sell the vision (On-going)

    Communicate broad vision to teachers, students, and parents using WebPages, Social Media, presentations, emails and posters
  • Period: to

    Power Up Plan

    Who does what, when, and how
  • PD - Open Lab (8/26-9/6

    Open Lab Support for Teachers:
    -Office 365, Web 2.0 tools, Edmodo, Cool Tools,
  • Build Leadership Teams

    -Identify and recruit Teacher-Leaders and early adaptors: Focus on ELA and Social Studies, with PBL projects in mind
  • Do Now Tools training

    Web 2.0 tools for Daily Do Now and Entry/warm up activities in any content area.
  • Social Studies Dept. Laptop Deployment

    Laptops assigned, for three weeks, to all teachers/ classrooms in the SS Department.
  • ELA Teachers Depoloy Laptops

    Laptops deployed in all ELA classrooms.
  • Math Department deploys laptops

    All Math Teachers assigned laptop carts for classroom deployment.
  • Science Department deploys laptops

    Laptop carts assigned to Science department.
  • Power Up Parent Meeting

    Mandatory Parent meeting about Power Up laptops and syudent's RUT/Payment options.
  • Power Up Parent Meet-Follow up

    Follow up meeting for Parent to sign up and pay laptop usgae fees.
  • Workshop: Building Culture & Buy-in

    Power Up Workshop: building school culture to support digital conversion and create buy-in
  • PS Connect Accounts

    Complete all PS Connect sign up for students.
  • Final Power Up Parent Meet-Jan 14

    Last opportunity for parents to attend Power Up Meeting, sign RUT forms, and pay laptop usage fees.
  • Sky Drive Setup: students

    Students sign up and setup Sky Drive in oen labs
  • ??? ELA Dept: device/deployment training

    ELA Teachers train on how and what to cover during student's laptop deployment on Januay 28
  • Student Power Up Assembly

    Power Up Assembly for Lee Students: options include a video project and playback in all classrooms.
  • Digital Citizenship for students

    ELA Teachers will conduct a day long digital citizenship training for students.
  • Students receive laptops

    Students receive laptops
    Students recieved laptops. Most have RUT forms and Payment forms on file. ELA Teachers scheduled on the 1st floor. NetSync in room 103??
    Extra laptops go to room 663.
  • Ever Fi-Digital Citizenship for students

    Weekly training about digital citizenship for all students. To be conducted in Social Studies classrooms.
  • Adopt-a-tool: 20 Tools per department

    Adopt-a-tool: 20 Tools per department
    Teachers adopt a tool or two and present it to their peers, using a Screencast-O-Matic how-to video. Other teachers learn how to use the tools and present it to their students. This is weekly and ongoing.
    All teacher produced videos will be posted and shared on a website.