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Timeline created by thanh lu
  • Emmett Louis Till

    Emmett Louis Till
    he was a black boy from the North and he didn't know how deep racidm was down south. on a dare he flirted with a white women. this event was so importent to AA's becuase Emmett Till was only a 14 year old boy brutally torture by two racist white men just cause he said "bye baby" to a white women.
  • Period: to

    violance and the civil right movemnet

  • Little Rock 9

    Little Rock 9
    under the surpreme court order all school are to be intergrated and 9 AA's went to Little Rock Central high school and the white student abused the AA's to leave school. this incident is importent because under law they had to let AA's into the school but the white in little rock were so hatefull of the 9 AA's that the president had to send in 1,100 paratrooper to protect the AA's for the school year
  • Mack Charles Parker

    Mack Charles Parker
    He was a black man accused of raping a pregnant white women. this is important because he was accused of rape and was going to stand but he was kidapped and killed his kidnapper were never arrested.
  • Freedom Rider

    Freedom Rider
    they were a group of white and black college student going to deep south to test segergation in deep south. arriving south they were beaten and smoked by the KKK and 2 officer let this happen allowing the KKK to do their worse
  • William Lewis Moore

    William Lewis Moore
    he had a one man protest for civil right in mississippi. he was a white man who supported civil right for AA's but he was killed caused he wanted civil right for AA.
  • Children March

    Children March
    student from Birmingham, Alabama left school to march only to get arrested and relese and the next day arrested and release again. the importanmt of the children march because head of police "Bull Connor" release poilce dog and power fire holes on the marching children.
  • Medgar Evers

    Medgar Evers
    After returning from WW2 he became a civil right activists and became a field secretary for the NAACP. hi sdeath is important because he was fighting for civil right and died for it
  • church bombing

    church bombing
    on 16th Street Baptist Church 4 young girl were killed in a bombing place under the church were the girl were at. this is important because these girl were going to church but they were killed becuase of what the 16th Baptist Church ment to AA.
  • Mississippi civil rights workers' murders

    Mississippi civil rights workers' murders
    James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner were civil right worker they were tortured until they died. this is important to AA becacuse the three were part of a group call "Freedom Summer" who was campaigng for AA's voting right.
  • Jimmie lee Jackson

    Jimmie lee Jackson
    he was a civil right protestor shot and killed Alabama State Trooper James Bonard Fowler. this is important becuase incident provided the primary catalyst for SCLC and organize the first Selma to Montgomery march that occurred a few days later
  • MLK Jr. assassination

    MLK Jr. assassination
    he was a AA civil right leader who was the face of civil right for AA. MLK Jr assassination was important cause after his death riot swept the USA.