Post World War

By hmiles2
  • The Nationalists Esacape to Taiwan

    The Nationalists Esacape to Taiwan
    Because Mao Zedong gained control of China in 1949, he proclaimed it the People's Republiv of China. The Nationalist forces, under the command of Jiang Jiesh, had to retreat to the island of Taiwan, aslo known as Formosa.
  • Mao Proclaims the Great Leap Forward

    Mao Proclaims the Great Leap Forward
    Mao proclaimed the "Great Leap Forward" to expand the success of the five-year-plan. However, it was more of a great step backward because inefficient home industries brough down growth. The "Great Leap Forward" came to an end in 1961 after a famine, influenced by crop failures, caused a huge famine.
  • The Cultural Revolution

    The Cultural Revolution
    The cultural revolution was an uprising in China from 1966-1976 led by the Red Guards. Their goal was to created a society of peasants and workers were everyone was equal.
  • The Fall of Saigon

    The Fall of Saigon
    Saigon was renamed to Ho Chi Min City after the North Vietnamese victory when Siagon fell to the Vietcong. They had very tight control over the south by controlling business and nationalozing industries. The fall of Saigon caused 1.5 million peolpe to flee Vietnam.
  • The Khmer Rouge

    The Khmer Rouge
    The Khmer Rouge was Communist Rebels that created a very harsh government under Pol Pot. The slaughtered 2 million people in the process of transforming Cmabodia into a Communist society. The Khmer Rouge was overthrown in 1978 when Cambodia was invaded by Vietnam.