Pop Music Videos

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  • Video Killed The Radio Star

    Video Killed The Radio Star
    'Video Killed The Radio Star' by The Buggles was the first shown music video on MTV in America on the 1st of August 1981. The music video itself creates a sci-fi feel with the use of costumes and metallic greys. Some parts are also shown in black and white, creating a contrast and influencing future music videos. It falls under the genre synthpop.
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    Pop Genre Music Videos

  • Material Girl

    Material Girl
    'Material Girl' by Madonna was released in 1984 and is about an actress (played by Madonna) trying to be won over by a wealthy man. The video iteslef contains a lot of red and pink tones to connote romance and love. She is also shown surrounded by men and this has lead to other female artists creating the same image to represent the power of women. It falls under the genre dancepop.
  • I Want You Back

    I Want You Back
    Performed by Bananarama, 'I Want You Back' conveys a performance of the girl band in the music video. They include dance routines as well as glamour that could have been taken from influences like Madonna. They also have bright colours that is a stereotypical conention of the pop genre.
  • Hit Me Baby One More Time

    Hit Me Baby One More Time
    'Hit Me Baby One More Time' was performed by Britney spears. It is about a girl regretting breaking up with her boyfriend, The music video itself was and still is a great hit, being names 'the best music video of the 90's'. The video shows Britney dressed as a school girl with pink ribbons in her hair. It also shows a lot of dancing and cheography. For this reason and many others, it was voted 'the third most influencial video in the history of pop music' in 2010.
  • I Don't Need A Man

    I Don't Need A Man
    'I Don't Need A Man' by the Pussycat Dolls was a major hit worldwide. In the music video, it shows women as more of a sexual object with the scantily clad outfits of stockings, black lingerie and skin tight hotpants. However, the song title and lyrics itself refers to girl power and independant women. This message could be influenced by artists such as Madonna, as well as this there is a similar hot pink theme to connote love, like in Madonna's Material Girl video.
  • The Way

    The Way
    'The Way' by Ariana Grande is a song featuring Mac Miller. The lyrics initiate a love narrative and shows the 'couple' taking photos together and kissing. I believe there is an infuence from Rihanna's song 'Only Girl In The World', as Ariana Grande is seen throwing around balloons that also feature in Rihanna's Video. As well as this, the use of blue hue lighting is used throughout the video, whereas in 2010 Rihanna used a red hue for her video.