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Pierson Devolution

  • United Sates

    United Sates
    The United States got Independence from Great Britain for economic reasons. Britain didn't have the resources the Americas did. So the U.S fought for independence from Britain, because Britain didn't have the money. Britain had to give them independence after the American Revolutionary War, because Britain didn't have the money to support them anymore
  • Ireland gains independence

    Ireland gains independence
    Ireland gained independence from Great Britain in 1922, but was still par of the British commonwealth. Ireland got its own republic in 1949. They wanted their independence for cultural reasons. Ireland was prodominantly Catholic, and didn't like having a Protestant leader.
  • Germany

    After World War 2, Germany split into East and West Germany. West Germany was a democracy, and East Germany was communist, so they split because of political reasons. The Soviet Union had a lot of control over in East Germany.
  • Czechoslovakia

    Czechoslovakia split in 1993 into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They split because of political reasons. When the communist regime fell in Czechoslovakia, it peacefully split into the two countries
  • Israel/Palestine

    Israel gave the Palestinians autonomy, or self rule, in 1993. It was for cultural reasons. The Jews and Palestinians have fought for many years, and finally gave the Palestinians right to rule themselves.