Pictorial Academic Timeline

By Yuning
  • Private kindergarten or public kindergarten(sociopolitical)

    Private kindergarten or public kindergarten(sociopolitical)
    When attending kindergarten, children can choose to attend the assigned kindergarten, namely the public kindergarten. If parents have the money or energy to choose a better kindergarten namely private kindergarten for their children, they must pay several prices and have connections with the government to qualify.
    1. Low-income families simply cannot afford the tuition fees.
    2. Educational resources are skewed, and all teachers go to private kindergartens because of high salaries.
  • Public Kindergarten

    Public Kindergarten
    Academic Experience:
    1. I go to a public kindergarten near my home.
    2. The teachers' education style was biased towards our interests.
    3. There is a park near the kindergarten. We go to the park every week. Course Themes:
    1. My family was not rich, so I had to choose a public kindergarten.
    2. Although the educational level of the teachers is not the top, but their education has cultivated many of my interests.
    3. Going to the park every week build a foundation of my optimism.
  • Age of school limit(sociopolitical)

    Age of school limit(sociopolitical)
    At that time, the policy stipulated that students must be over six years old and born before the start of school on September 1. Even students born on the second day could not enter school on time and had to wait for the next year. Many parents find it hard to accept. Because their children are not that far off the required date. If they go to school in the second year, they will be one year older than other students, child's birth date is too embarrassing for other students.
  • Elementary school

    Elementary school
    Academic Experience:
    1. I was delayed a year because of the age limit.
    2. I studied in one of the best primary schools in our city.
    3. We must wear uniforms every Monday. Course Themes:
    1. School teachers are very literate.
    2. We will get better teaching resources than students from other schools, so the competition is very fierce.
    3. Students here were reminded by their parents that this is an enviable opportunity and that they must listen to the school.