Physical Development 4 Mo

  • Physical Development 4 Mo.

    Born @ Baltimore, MD.
  • Physical Development 4 Mo

    Follows a moving object or person with eyes. Wiggles and kicks w arms and legs.
  • Social and Emotional Development 4 Mo

    Cries w tears to get the attention it needs. To let the parent know it is in pain, in fear, or is feeling lonely.
  • Cognitive Development 4 Mo

    Explores objects w mouth. Plays w fingers, hands and toes. Reacts to sound.
  • Phyiscal Development 8 Mo

    First teeth begin to appear. Drools, mouths and chews on objects. Drinks from a cup with help.
  • Cognitive Development 8 Mo.

    Cries in different ways to let parent know he is hurt, wet, hungry, or feeling lonely. Recognizes and looks for famililar voice and sounds.
  • Social and Emotional Development

    Responds to own name. Shows fear of falling of high places.
  • Physical Development 12 Mo.

    Sleeps 11-13 hrs at night. Continues to explore everything by mouth.
  • Cognitive Development

    Says first word. Dances or bounces to music. Interested in picture books. Pays attention to conversations.
  • Social and Emotional Development

    Responds to name, likes to watch self in mirror, expresses fear or anxiety toward strangers.
  • Phyiscal Development 12-18 Mo.

    Crawls well, stands alone, sits down, gestures or points to indicate its wants.
  • Cognitive Development 12-18 Mo.

    Says 8-20 words you can understand, looks at person talking to him, says hi or bye if reminded, uses expressions like oh-oh.
  • Social and Emotional Development 12-18 Mo.

    Becomes upset when seperated from parent, likes to hand objects to others, plays alone on floor with toys.
  • Social and Emotional development 18-24 mo

    Likes to imitate parents actions, begins to show signs of independence, has difficulty sharing.
  • Cognitive Development 18-24 Mo

    Has a vocabulary of several hundred words, uses 2-3 sentences, talks to self, hums or tries to sing.
  • Physical Development 18-24 Mo

    Walks well, likes to run, but cant always stop and turn well, drinks from a straw, feeds self with a spoon.
  • Social and Emotional Development 2 Yrs Old

    Plays alongside others more than with them, acts shy around strangers, likes to imitate parents, easily frustrated.
  • Phyiscal Development 2 Years Old

    Its my birthday! :] Has almost a faull set of teeth, walks up and down stairs by holding on to something.
  • Cognitive Development 2 yrs old

    Enjoys simple stories, says name of toys, repeats words.