Physical and Cognitive development of toddlers

By DL_2013
  • Baby is born

    Baby is born
  • 13-15 months phycial

    13-15 months phycial
    toddler will
    *Turn several pages of book
    *pick up small objects with fingers
    *moves objects from hand to hand
    *walk with caregivers hand
  • 13-15 months cognitive

    13-15 months cognitive
    toddler will
    *begin to put two words together
    *understands the concept of "no"
    *distract other children
    *not understand adult reasoning
  • 16-18 months physical

    16-18 months physical
    Toddler will
    *sit down without help
    *slide down stairs backwards
    *walk well
    *jump in place
  • 16-18 months cognitive

    16-18 months cognitive
    Toddler will begin to have imaginary friends who they think are actually real. They might have them for months or even years. Toddlers will also desire approval and might get over their stranger anxiety by now.
  • 19-21 months physical

    19-21 months physical
    Toddler will
    *climb up or down on stair
    *pull toys with wheels
    *grasp crayons with fist and scribble
    *stack two to four blocks
  • 19-21 months cognitive

    19-21 months cognitive
    Toddlers at this age require spoken restrictions as well as distraction and removal. Such as disciplining your child to not play in the streets or to not pull the cats tail. Toddlers might also dislike to share toys
  • 22-24 months physical

    22-24 months physical
    Toddler will
    *Stack up to 6 blocks
    *turn one page of a book at a time
    *walk with more coordination and confidence
    *jumps off the bottom step
  • 22-24 months cognitive

    22-24 months cognitive
    By this age children are able to understand spoken commands and simple explanations. Two years olds can begin to grasp the reasoning of adults. Caregivers who explain their reasons to children over age two get better results than those who only issue commands, The toddler will play simple games with others and say "please" if prompted.
  • 24-30 months physical

    24-30 months physical
    Toddler will
    *push self on wheeled toys
    * stack 8 blocks
    *screw lids on and off containers
    *run, but may not be able to stop smoothly
  • 24-30 months cognitive

    24-30 months cognitive
    toddler at this age will
    *want to help with activities like cooking\
    *accept and love guidance
    *be very close to parents
    *like to take turns in activities like games
  • 30-36 months physical

    30-36 months physical
    Toddlers at this age, which are about 3 years of age, will
    *stack nine or 10 blocks
    *cut with scissors
    * draw recognizable pictures
    *throw a ball overhead innacuratly
    *draw circles and horizzontal and vertical lines
  • 30-36 months cognitive

    30-36 months cognitive
    Toddlers at this age will accept loving guidance better and more readily than children of other ages. They love to please people and may be quick to remind a parent that they are obedient. they will take part in brief group activities and just be a ball of joy.