Philadelphia Flyers Timeline

  • The Philadelphia Flyers were Founded

    Ed snider, the majority owner of the Flyers, planned for the building of the Spectrum and the Flyers were founded.
  • Bernie Parent joins the team.

  • Here we are.

    The Philadelphia Flyers play their very first game against the California Seals and lose 5-1.
  • Clarke is a Flyer forever.

    Bobby Clarke plays his first game as a Philadelphia Flyer.
  • Kate Smith sings for the first time.

    Kate Smith's "Gob Bless America," was played at the Flyers Game.
  • Flyers win Stanley Cup #1

  • Flyers win Stanley Cup #2

  • The Army arrives.

    The Soviet Army Ice Hockey team arrives in Philadelphia to play against the flyers in a brutal, confusing and un-fair game.
  • Parent Down!

    Bernie Parent suffered a career ending eye injury when a stick poked him through the goalie mask eye hole.
  • The CoreStates Center (Wells Fargo Center) is built.