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Phil and Jordon

  • Period: to

    william mckinley

  • U.S President william McKinley assassinated

  • Period: to

    theodore roosevelt

  • first nobel prizes awarded

  • teddy roosevelt simplifies spelling

  • Period: to

    william howard taft

  • Mona Lisa is stolen

  • Period: to

    woodrow wilson

  • World War 1

  • Spanish flu begins

  • Prohabition begins in the U.S.

  • Period: to

    warren G. harding

  • tomb of King Tut discovered

  • Period: to

    calvin coolidge

  • sliced bread invented

  • Period: to

    herbert hover

  • Stock Market Crashes

  • The Star Spangled Banner is created

  • assassination attempt on Franklin D. Rosevelt

  • Period: to

    Franflin D. Rosevelt

  • Prohibition Ends

  • Atteck on Pearl Harbor

  • U.S enters World War 2

  • Period: to

    Harry S. Truman

  • Winston Churchill gives his "Iron Curtain" speech

  • First Colored TV brodcast

  • Period: to

    Dwight D Eisenhower

  • Segregation ruled illegal

  • Fidel Castro becomes Dictator of Cuba

  • Period: to

    John F. Kennedy

  • Berlin Wall Built

  • Period: to

    lyndon B. johnson

  • US send troops to Viet Nam

  • Austrialian Prime Minester Disappears

  • Period: to

    Richard Nixon

  • Munich Massacre

    2 Isralie athlets are killed at the 1972 Olimpcys.
  • Terracotta Army Discovered in China

  • Period: to

    Gerald Ford

  • •Civil War in Lebanon

  • Period: to

    Jimmy Carter

  • Period: to

    ronald reagen

  • Wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles

  • •Chernobyl Nuclear Accident

  • Period: to

    George H. W Bush

  • •DNA First Used to Convict Criminals

  • •Collapse of the Soviet Union

  • Period: to

    Bill Clinton

  • Cult Compound in Waco, Texas Raided

  • Princess Diana Dies in Car Crash

  • Period: to

    George B. Bush

  • Period: to

    Barack Obama