Peter shaffer

Peter Shaffer

  • Peter Shaffer Birth

    Peter Shaffer Birth
    Peter Levin Shaffer, was born May 15, 1926, in Liverpool, England
  • Peter First Job

    Peter First Job
    Peter Shaffer worked as a conscript in the coal mines in England from 1944 to 1947; that is, during the last year of World War II and the immediate postwar period.
  • Peter Shaffer Graduate

    Peter Shaffer Graduate
    He graduated from Trinity College of Cambridge University in 1950.
  • Publish the first of three mystery novels

    Publish the first of three mystery novels
    He joined with his fraternal twin, Anthony, to publish the first of three mystery novels, Woman in the Wardrobe, under the joint pseudonym of Peter Anthony.
  • First radio play

    First radio play
    In 1951 his first radio play, The Prodigal Father, was presented on the BBC, and his initial venture into a television drama
  • How Doth the Little Crocodile

    How Doth the Little Crocodile
    He and Anthony then published How Doth the Little Crocodile in 1952.
  • Withered Murder

    Withered Murder
    Shaffer and Anthony 3 years later realized Withered Murder in 1955
  • Five Finger Exercise

    Five Finger Exercise
    In 1958 Shaffer had his first great theatrical success with Five Finger Exercise, which opened in London
  • Private Ear and The Public Eye

    Private Ear and The Public Eye
    Private Ear and The Public Eye opened in London in 1962
  • Collaborating with Peter Brook

    Collaborating with Peter Brook
    Shaffer had begun writing screenplays in 1963, collaborating with Peter Brook on Lord of the Flies, and added The Pad (and How to Use It),
  • The Royal Hunt of the Sun

    The Royal Hunt of the Sun
    His next great stage success occurred with The Royal Hunt of the Sun, which opened at Chichester in 1964
  • The Battle of Shrivings

    The Battle of Shrivings
    In 1970 Shaffer's most American play, The Battle of Shrivings opened in London.
  • Equus

    One of Shaffer's most famous plays, Equus, was published in 1973 and won him numerous awards
  • Tony Award

    Tony Award
    1975 Tony Award for best play, and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award.
  • The Collected Plays of Peter Shaffer

    The Collected Plays of Peter Shaffer
    Shaffer's introduction to the 1982 volume The Collected Plays of Peter Shaffer is most helpful to an understanding of his work. Published during the height of Shaffer's popularity
  • Yonadab

    In 1985 came Yonadab, based on a story of incest in the Old Testament book of Samuel but prompted by Dan Jacobson's novel The Rape of Tomar
  • Lettice and Lovage

    Lettice and Lovage
    Shaffer's play Lettice and Lovage was nominated for another Tony Award, and for her performance in it, Dame Maggie Smith won the Tony Award for best actress after three nominations in 1990
  • William Inge Award

    William Inge Award
    Shaffer received the William Inge Award for Distinguished Achievement in the American Theater in 1992
  • Peter Shaffer Roundabout Theater

    Peter Shaffer Roundabout Theater
    In Roundabout Theater in 1993, the consensus of critics and viewers was that White Liars had to be endured in order to get into Black Comedy.
  • Peter Shaffer Death Day

    Peter Shaffer Death Day
    While on a trip to Ireland shortly after his 90th birthday, Shaffer died on 6 June 2016 at a hospice facility in Curraheen, County Cork.