Personal Timeline

  • Birth

  • First Sight of Death 7 years old

    I'm not sure what specififc date. Open casket at Great Grandma's funeral.
  • Billy's Passing 12 years old

  • Period: to

    Little Caesars Pizza Work Career 15-20 years old

  • Period: to

    Hiram Johnson West

  • Period: to

    Sac City Comm College First Year

    First year in Comm College after High School.
  • Period: to

    Purple Haze Days

  • Aunt Shannon's Passing

    Get exact date later.
  • Audition for American Academy of Dramatic Arts

    Drove to LA and auditioned. Stayed one night and left the next day another 6 hours of driving.
  • Accepted into AADA program

  • Period: to

    Time Spent in Hollywood, CA

  • Period: to

    Evergreen Aviation

  • Period: to

    Sac City Comm Second Year

  • Mom's Surprise Party

  • Period: to

    Americorps NCCC

    THE turning point.
  • Period: to


  • Whitney's Passing

  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • James' passing

    Date not accurately
  • Back to Cali

  • Ended Day Job Life