Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Personal information

    Personal information
    Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar. He was the son of Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai, his father's fourth wife. He was the youngest of three brothers, Laksmidas and Karsandas (boys) and a sister named Raliatbehn.
  • Childhood

    During his childhood his mother had a great influence when Gandhi learned at an early age not to harm any living being, to be a vegetarian, to fast to purify himself, and to be tolerant of other religious beliefs.
    At the age of 13, his parents arranged a marriage with a young woman of the same age with whom he had 4 children.
  • Studies and work

    Studies and work
    At 18 he moved to London to study law at University College London. When he finished his studies he returned to Bombay to try to practice as a lawyer, but could not because of the oversaturation of the profession. However, that same year he had the opportunity to work in South Africa, a job that he accepted motivated by the resistance struggle and non-violent civil disobedience that his compatriots were carrying out in the face of pressure and discrimination from the country towards Hindus.
  • His return

    His return
    He returned in late 1914 to India, where he led a retired life until 1918, when the First World War ended. From this year on, Gandhi was practically the head of the nationalist movement.
  • His achievements

    His achievements
    And that is how Gandhi began to fight to eliminate the existing caste system until then, using methods such as the hunger strike to reach agreements such as the cessation of separate suffrages for pariahs and the rest of the Hindu population. Among other actions, he helped organize the congress and would feed different marches, such as the so-called salt march of 1930. In 1947 India was finally declared independent.
  • His death

    His death
    Finally Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1948, in Delhi, hours after being shot several times while on his way to pray.