Periodization 1-Music Festivals

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  • Bayreuth Festival

    Germany-One of the earliest festivals, used to showcase one composer's music
  • The Newport Jazz Festival

    Newport, RI-First annual jazz festivial
  • The Newport Folk Festival

    Newport, RI
  • Monterey International Pop Festival

    Monterey, CA-First major rock festivial
  • Isle of Wight

    Isle of Wight, England
  • Woodstock

    Bethel, NY-Known as the most famous festival of all time
  • Glastonbury Festival

    Pilton, England-Known for incorporating several types of art
  • Lollapalooza

    Chicago, IL
  • Coachella

    Coachella Valley, CA-Once of today's most popular festivals
  • Bonaroo

    Manchester, TN-Strongly promotes an eco-friendly environment
  • Austin City Limits

    Austin, TX-Began as a country festival but has branched to many genres
  • Period: to

    The “There were music festivals that long ago??” period

  • Period: to

    The debut of modern music festivals period

  • Period: to

    The hippie “Good Vibes” period

  • Period: to

    The realization of music festival popularity period

  • Period: to

    The "More festivals and bigger festivals" period