Pepsi Logo history

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  • Creation

    1893 a man named Caleb Bradham, who was a pharmacist created a new drink. This drink was called "Brad's Drink". this drink would later be known as pepsi.
  • Pepsi-Cola was named

    Pepsi-Cola was named
    In 1903 Caleb tradmarked the drink as "Pesi-Cola". The original logo closely ressembled the Coca-Cola logo. This was not becasue they were trying to copy Coke. This was the go-to font at the time.
  • Pepsi logo change

    Pepsi logo change
    In 1906 the Pepsi-Company changed their logo to a simpler design. This was for people to be able to read it. This also could have been to not look so similar to the Coca-Cola logo.
  • Pepsi-Cola Logo colors changed

    Pepsi-Cola Logo colors changed
    In 1941 pepsi was supporting the war efforts in america. They then changed their logo to red white in blue in support for them. This would create the iconic colors of the brand.
  • Bottle Cap

    Bottle Cap
    Pepsi creates a new logo wich features a bottle cap. They kept the colors of the red white and blue. This bottle cap design also had to do with their slogan Pepsi Generation.
  • Simple

    In 1973 pepsi was a know brand at this point. They took the bottle cap logo and cut off the serrated edges. They also moved the lettering to the center of the circle.
  • Pepsi Perfect

    Pepsi Perfect
    In 1990 the film Back to he Future II was released featuring pepsi. In the movie it was not typical pepsi. This was a redesign for the year 2015 which has still yet to be seen again.
  • Pepsi redesign

    Pepsi redesign
    after the publicity from the movie Pepsi mad a bold decition to change the logo. They went with a more italicized logo. This still featured the Pepsi Globe.
  • Unique

    With new technology pepi crated a more 3-dimentional logo. This new design was known as the Pepsi Globe. This inspired a more invatived future design.
  • Third Dimention

    Third Dimention
    In 2005 Pepsi decided to use the full power of the computer. They created this 3-D image of the Pepsi Globe. They aslo had realistic ice and what I belive to be glass shards in the background.
  • Pepsi Today

    Pepsi Today
    Today Pepsi has a very simple design with not much going on. They use the original Pepsi Globe very simple. This could be the company getting ready for Pepsi Perfect.
  • The future

    The future
    The future of pepsi logos is undetermined. Will we get pepsi perfect? who knows, this will be interesting for Pepsi. It has been rumored but we do not know for sure.