Pennsylvania Through Time.

  • English Early Colonies

    English Early Colonies
    England expands to Middle Colonies to the carolinas and PA. English gains Dutch and Swedish colonies. Parts of Canada annexed during French/Indian War
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson was chosen by a company called Dutch east india company to find an eastren all water route to asia
  • William Penn was born

    William Penn was born
    He was born in London. The son of Admiral Sir William Penn.
  • English Control

    English Control
    1640's-1680's English defeats Holland in war in Europe
    PA remains a part of New Amserdam colony until 1681
  • King signing the Charter

    King signing the Charter
    King Charles owed Penn 1600 dollars. Penn asked him to grant him the land between Lord Baltimors perovince (Maryland) and Duke of York's Province (New York)
  • French and Indiana War

    French and Indiana War
    One of a seris of wars between French and the British. This all started because the British wanted to takae over the French land.