Peighton's Milestones

Timeline created by BrookeJ1159
  • Newborn

    Newborn babies can show many different reflexes. This include the Root, Suck, Moro, Tonic Neck, Grasp, Babinski, and Step Reflexes. These are specifically unique to newborns.
  • 1-3 Months

    This is when some of the newborn reflexes tend to disappear. The baby will now start to bob their head, as they are learning to hold it up by themselves. At the end of 3 months, the child will be able to raise their head and chest when they are laying on their stomach.
  • 4-6 Months

    This is when the newborn reflexes should be completely gone. At this age the child will be able to sit up by themselves. They are also able to start standing with support from their parents. The baby will also now have full color vision ad is able to see at longer distances. The baby will also become upset if an object or person leaves or is hidden (do not understand object permanence).
  • 7-9 Months

    This is when the baby will begin to pull up to try and stand by themselves. At this point, the baby should be able to grasp a bottle and play peek-a-boo. This is also when most babies begin the teething stage. They can now learn to drink from a cup and they tend to put everything in their mouths. The baby will also start responding to their name and has stranger anxiety. The also tend to start understanding that an object is there even when they cannot see it (Object Permanence).
  • 10-12 Months

    This is the stage in which the baby can finally stand by themselves. The baby will start to walk around holding onto furniture. They will soon start to walk by themselves. The baby will start to grow teeth as well. For speech, this is the stage in which a baby would say "ma-ma" and "da-da". The child will also start to imitate animals and use their head to say yes or no.
  • 1 Year Olds

    This is when the baby can dance, sit, stand, and play all by themselves. They can throw a ball and start to put puzzle pieces together. They will start to draw and color and help to put their clothes on. This is the one-word stage of speech. Children will say things like "milk", or "eat".
  • 2 Years Old

    The child can now learn to do things like riding a tricycle and climb on playground structures. This is the telegraphic stage of speech, so the child will now talk in two word phrases like "want food". The child may now also begin to problem solve as well.
  • 3 Years Old

    A child at this age should be able to ride a tricycle, wash and dry their hands, and dress themselves (except for buttons and laces). The child can now use a potty chair or toilet. The child will be able to name colors and refer to themselves by their name.
  • Preschool: 4-5 Years Old

    The child will now be able to sing songs, catch and throw a ball overhead, walk downstairs alone, and understand the difference between fantasy and reality. The child will become more curious and ask lots of questions during this stage of their life. They may also repeat bad words if they have heard them in the household.
  • School Age: 6-12 Years Old

    The child will now enjoy as many activities and social interactions just to stay busy. They will also start to practice skills to try and make themselves better. They may become involved in sports or other social activities. At the beginning of this age, a child will loose its first tooth. At the end of this age, the child will have most, if not all of their adult teeth growing in. Throughout this time the child will understand things like common math, telling time, reading, etc.