Peer Mentoring

  • Introduce new unit

    Kris will introduce the new unit and describe the new technology based unit. The new unit will be genes and traits for science.
  • Period: to

    Unit Plan

  • First lesson

    PowerPoint and YouTube video on inherited traits and learned behaviors.
  • Inherited Traits & Behavorial Poster

    After reading and reviewing the PowerPoint the students will make a poster on the inherited traits & behavorial traits. Will have a definition of both and need an illustration of what they mean.
  • Vocab Assignment

    Students will use the PowerPoint and the Promethean Flipcart to review the information about Inherited traits and learned behavior.
  • Introduce Punnett Sqaures

    Watch a YouTube video A Beginner's Guide to Punnett Squares. Use Promethean FlipChart/PowerPoint for the students to take notes and come up and fill in the notes.
  • Using ActivInspire

    Using activinspire software for notes and activities.
  • Last Lesson

    Finish up with the unit.