Paulbunyanandbabe d

Peer Mentoring

  • 1st Meeting

    Decide on lesson (completed....) We decided taking a Tall Tale weekly unit and incorporating more technology in it.
  • Meeting

    After researching ideas, Amy and I are planning to meet to bring suggestions together for the unit activity. Here we will plan the student projects (extention menu) that will be taking place.
  • Model Activity: Mentee observe mentor

    Ashile will be teaching a lesson using similar technology tools to what Amy will be using in her class. Amy will come to observe for 30 minutes.
  • Meeting: End of Day

    Ashlie and Amy will meet to reflect about observation.
  • 1st Day of Unit

    Amy will begin the Tall Tale unit on her own.
  • Co-Teaching Lesson

    Amy and Ashlie will co-teach a lesson on Tall Tales. Promethean Board will be used for instruction.
  • Conferring Meeting

    Amy and Ashlie will meet to confer about how the lesson went. Through this, we will talk about what Amy can do on her own.
  • Ashlie Observe Amy

    Ashlie will observe Amy teach the second part of the lesson. In this lesson, Amy will be describing the extention menu and showing examples of the technology tools the students will be using.
  • Debrief- Part 1

    Ashlie and Amy will meet to talk about the observation.
  • Debrief Part 2

    Ashlie and Amy will meet to discuss the assessment of the Unit. This will be the final meeting of this project.