Past and Future

  • I was born

  • Period: to

    Past and Future

  • 2006_- 2007

    I was homeschooled kindergarten to first grade. Teacher: My mom
  • First day at Panorama

    The first day of third grade. Teachers: Mrs. Romo, Mrs. Forsyth.
  • Million Word Club

    In fith grade I got into almost into the 4,000,000 word club with 600 700 or more points.
  • Fith grade

    The first day of fith grade. Teacher: Mr. Williams
  • I graduate

    I graduate high school at Elmodena. Teachers: Unknown
  • I go to collage

    I go to collage to become a vet and help animals
  • I complete vet school

    I'm done with vet school. Now I can be a vet
  • I become the best vet ever imagined.

    I save every single animal that comes to me as a patient.
  • I get a job at a vet hospiatal

    I get a fantastic job at a local vet. I help the animals there.