Paramore 2004-Present

By 013760
  • Paramore was formed.

    The band was formed, the orginal band were Hayley Williams on lead vocals, Josh Farro on lead guitar and Zac Farro on drums
  • First album "All we know is falling"

    Jeremy Davis leaves the band, he is replaced by John Hembree
  • All we know is falling

    The album reached number 30 on the Billboard's Heatseakers Chart.
  • Released a cover of Foo Fighters "My Hero" for the Superman soundtrack.

    During this time they were also awarded Kerrangs "The Best New Band" and Hayley was voted number 2 on the "sexiest females" list.
  • UK Tour

    Paramore toured the UK from 5th October 2006-15 October 2006
  • Recording of "Riot" began

    Josh Farro played both the bass and guitar parts in the album
  • "Riot" was releaed

  • Single "Misery Buisness" was released

  • "Riot" was number 24 on the UK album charts

  • "crushcrushcrush" was released as a single

  • Paramore was voted the "Best Band of 2007" by Alternative press magazine

  • The band were nominated for a Grammy "Best New Band" but lost to Amy Winehouse

  • Paramore tour the UK again

  • "That's what you get" is released as a single

  • "Decode" was released as the "Twilight" film lead single.

  • "The Last Riot" released as a live album

  • "Ignorance" released as a single

  • 3rd Album "Brand New Eyes" was released

  • The band tour until December 2010

  • Josh and Zac Farro leave Paramore

  • the rest of Paramore interviewed about the break up

  • Paramore carries on with only 3 people in the band

  • "Monster" was released as a single

  • "Tranformers: Dark side of the Moon" uses "monster" on it's album

  • "In the Mourning" released as a single